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Gothic girl by WarlockMaster
Gothic girl
Comission piece,some sort of portrait  of this girl in anime-ish style ,it sopose to be a gothic kind of feel to it..i dont know, hope you like it :D

and i also used a photo reference for this one :)
Capcom contest ,Final Fight caracters PACK by WarlockMaster
Capcom contest ,Final Fight caracters PACK
Requested by :iconcrowbrandon: 
I made DOWNLOADABLE zip File for every character seperated individualy from a contest entery  i did back in 2014

The file contains higher quality of what you see in the priview image in JPEG format
Influence Map by WarlockMaster
Influence Map
Well... as the title says,my "influence map",everyone has one on DeviantArt so i deacided to make one myself...i just hope
its not a big mess in there  because its a big one XDD.....What can i say i have a lot of influences, just wanted to squeze them
all in here so you know whats driving me...

First off ill start with the none anime stuff so ill group them..

**Ninjas-they where always an influence on me,im just that facinated when i see them!! soon i  will reveal how much xDD
**Animals/Wolfs-I like all the animals but the wolf is my type of animal,im just as facinated as the ninjas when im looking at wolves somehow i get inspired to draw when i look at them...
**Nature and Landscapes-A fetish to my eye is when im looking at landscapes,wether is a painting, photo or in a real life..
**Instrumental music-My choice when im working,especialy with electric guitars...
**Extreme Sports-Mountain bikes,MotoCrosses,racecars,Trials,Truck Trials  some of my favorites,altho i dont draw much viachles i feel inspired watching them
**Video Games-Ohh this is a big one,like every kid grows up with video games so have i, but because of them, 50% is their fault that i started to draw in the first place
NES,Arcade,PSX where my type of games and still are, i stick to the classics but the new games sometimes impress me..
**MartialArts and Action Movies-No need to repeat myself at some of the above mentioned, its just another source where i get hit by some crazy ideas or moves for characters XD
**Classic Cartoons-Pretty much self explaining cathegory all i can give are some examples of my favorite ones but there just too many xD i drew alot of cartoons as a kid
Moving to artists(none asian, anime)

**Stan Lee-My favorite one of the american creators,im so glad that he created Spiderman im such a great fan of him,also love hes other works.
**Joe Mad-Seriously, this guy...every second artist is influenced by him, just no escaping hes awsomeness,i love hes Darksiders the most!
**TRADITIONAL ANIMATION-I can get away with just saying my favorite type of art in the world, but ill also say if i get reborn again in the future i will still do animation like in the old days!!
And now anime stuff,and Artists

**Masami Obari-this is a special one because when i descovered him i imidiatly started to slowly adopt hes style,i like everything this guy does i have played hes games watched hes movies,series and i like everything,not so much as the humans, but man this guy can draw some serious Robot Designs ,hes poses and angles are so Dynamic as hell!! some people dont like how he draws the human anathomy but i find it verry interesting...

**Eiji Shiroi/Samurai shodown-Simply love hes work hes style and hes designs especialy the samurai shodown series!!
**Nagai Go-same goes for this guy ,he's Devilman series had a big impact on my style of drawing aswell,altho maybe the anime shape it up a bit better then the original drawings but still...
**Capcom-they are popular enough for me to not have to explain why,i always play their games and also some of my favorite characters come from their games alone!
**Studio Ghibli-I think everyone is well aware of the quality of this studio,altho like i said i love to watch landscapes but their Background art just stunns me O.O
The other 50%.ill just group these

**Kazuki Takahachi/Yugioh**Akira Toriyama/Dragonball/Z**Akiyoshi Hongo/Digimon**Yoshihiro Togashi/YuYu Hakusho
Its these anime shows fault that i got interested in drawing, not so much their drawing style as their story telling that got me involved into art,(and interested in animation)
im not sure if was going to draw if it wasnt for these shows so im thankfull to them!
The rest are just style influence  mostly so im just gonna group them in to anime and manga cathegory

**Anime/Beyblade-it has an interesting style to me, i find it appealing**Variable Geo-i like to draw girls in that style**PsychicForce-its also an anime and game series,i  find the style verry cool**Basilisk-really inspired by style and the story of this anime!**Zenki-it quickly became my favorite after i watched it,and also its style, really oldschool but what can i say...i love 80s and 90s anime :D
**Manga-Devil and Devil, and Blood Soul are the only mangas that are a style influence on my work the other mangas im just a fan...

WOW now thats alot of Info i hope its not really big and not boring,but atleast i put it out there and now you know my source of inspiration Thank you to those who read it!Hug 

Template by-:iconfox-orian:
Deepest apologies to my watchers, i feel so guilty for not updating my DeviantArt for so long, have been through some issues but i wont bother you with that, im just gonna say that im back and ready for some arting, got some plans for this year hopefully i get to bring them to real life...

Also  for good news  i have created a facebook page that i lunched today, so if you wanna folow me there too be my guest..i will also share my creations in there ...…

Hope you all  doing well and take care!! :D
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Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I am mostly Anime inspired artists who chooses "ANIMATION" for a life time career..

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